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Story in Fantasy Scroll Magazine

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 10.24.25 PM

My short story “Murmuration” is now appearing at Fantasy Scroll Magazine. A free read and a happy second home for this piece. Read it (and comment, if you wish!) here.


New Story, “Going Green,” out in InterGalactic Medicine Show

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.08.34 PMMy story “Going Green” has come out in Issue 49 of InterGalactic Medicine Show. From the editor’s introduction: “Jennifer Noelle Welch’s Going Green… deftly darts between sardonic humor and subtle dread, impressively ramping up the stakes in an increasingly absurd and twisted battle of environmental one-upmanship.” I hope you’ll enjoy checking it out here.

2015 Parsec Awards Nominee

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 7.22.29 AMThe nominee list for the Parsec Awards came out earlier in the summer, celebrating this year’s best work in speculative fiction podcasting. I’m proud that “The Seal King” was included in the long list for “Best Speculative Fiction Story, Small Cast.” Whoever nominated, thank you! It’s great to know the story will be getting a listen from the finalist committee. Thanks again also to the audio and production team at Cast of Wonders (narrator Paul Cram in particular), who brought the characters and action to life.

First Story Podcast! at Cast of Wonders

cast of wondersI’m a rabid consumer of podcasted fiction, so I can hardly express how excited I was to hear that my story “The Seal King” would be appearing in audible form on the excellent young adult fiction podcast, Cast of Wonders.

I spent a lot of time on the water as a kid, and am still the only person I know who actually likes the smell of low tide.  When I wrote “The Seal King,” I had lived away from the New England coast for a long time. The story came out of a fit of nostalgia for that saltwater-soaked territory of my childhood.

Actor Paul Cram provides the narration, and I have to confess that his dramatization of the ending in particular gave me a little happy cry. Enjoy! Listen to Part 1 of the story (Episode 156)  here, and Part 2 (Episode 157) here.

Reading and Bonfire at Labelle Winery

Short story reading around a bonfire on the property of a New Hampshire winery? Sounds like a fun evening, right? So spread a blanket and look forward to hearing great speculative fiction from at least 20 writers. I’ll be reading a brand-new story about a painter who after the obliteration of her studio, discovers the blurry boundary between art and reality. Did I mention s’mores? More information on the Labelle Winery event here.SlamPrintAd-ScreenRes

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