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First Story Podcast! at Cast of Wonders

cast of wondersI’m a rabid consumer of podcasted fiction, so I can hardly express how excited I was to hear that my story “The Seal King” would be appearing in audible form on the excellent young adult fiction podcast, Cast of Wonders.

I spent a lot of time on the water as a kid, and am still the only person I know who actually likes the smell of low tide.  When I wrote “The Seal King,” I had lived away from the New England coast for a long time. The story came out of a fit of nostalgia for that saltwater-soaked territory of my childhood.

Actor Paul Cram provides the narration, and I have to confess that his dramatization of the ending in particular gave me a little happy cry. Enjoy! Listen to Part 1 of the story (Episode 156)  here, and Part 2 (Episode 157) here.

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